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It is the exterior elements – roof, siding and windows – of your home that work as an envelope to protect it from the elements. When it comes to ensuring that this crucial envelope is in peak condition, we take a “whole-house” approach, and windows are a critical part of the equation.

Yes, the name of our company is Hitchcock Roofing & Siding, but we also offer expert window replacement. Hitchcock Roofing & Siding & Window Replacement just doesn’t flow, does it?

While the cedar siding shingles we use today are nearly identical to those used decades, even centuries ago, and asphalt roofing materials have remained virtually unchanged since they were invented in the early 1900s, the technology used in manufacturing windows has undergone a revolution and it continues to evolve.

Even if your home is fairly new, built just 30 or 40 years ago, the windows that were used during its construction are now virtual dinosaurs when compared to the energy efficiency of those that are now available. Not only have windows changed, the building codes in use on Cape Cod have too. For a building to be “up to code,” the windows now need to be hurricane resistant.

Why not save money on energy, and rest easy knowing that your home is protected from storms, by allowing us to replace your windows? We can even work with you in updating your home’s look by helping you select new windows that will enhance your home’s aesthetics. Swapping out a bay window, or casement window, in a prominent position with a streamlined double-hung window will instantly update the look!

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