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Should you wish to add a skylight or “doghouse” dormer to your home or commercial building, why risk compromising the roof by working with a company that may not understand the intricacies of every possible roofing material? When you allow Hitchcock Roofing & Siding, the premier roofing company on Cape Cod, to handle these for you, you can be confident that your new dormer or skylight will be expertly installed, and that there is no risk of pesky leaks revealing themselves at a later date due to damaged roofing.

Another reason to work with Hitchcock Roofing & Siding is the flip side of the coin, so to speak. As old roofing shingles are removed, damage to existing skylights and dormers can be revealed. Should we find early stages of rot, or damaged seals, as we’re replacing your roof, we’ll let you know immediately. Hopefully we’ve caught it before water has had a chance to leak in where a skylight or dormer meets the roof. There is no need to bring in an additional contractor. We’re already there and can expertly make repairs.

Working on a roof is dangerous work. As roofing professionals with nearly 40 years of experience, our crews are thoroughly trained in safety, and unlike “some guy with a truck,” we are licensed and fully insured against potential mishaps.

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