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If the shingle or clapboard siding on your home is showing signs of age, there is a good chance that the trim work is in need of attention. At Hitchcock Roofing & Siding, we take a “whole-house” approach to the work we do and services we offer. We want to ensure that your entire home is protected from the elements and looking its best. With this in mind, we offer trim work replacement in addition to our roofing and siding services.

Not only is rotting, peeling trim – the woodwork that surrounds your home’s doors and windows – unattractive, the rotting can also result in water damage and energy loss. Holes in compromised wood trim can act as a funnel, allowing water to flow into interior walls as rain cascades down the sides of your home.

When you work with Hitchcock Roofing & Siding, there’s no need to call in an additional contractor to replace or repair trim work. During his initial assessment at your home, Ted Hitchcock, our company’s founder and owner, will inspect the condition of the trim work and provide you with a detailed proposal. He may suggest using composite materials, which are impervious to rot, for especially troublesome spots.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, our skilled craftsmen get to work, typically within just a week or two, not months. With a sizeable crew and specialized equipment that allows our team to work efficiently, we’ll be done within days and your home will be looking its best and protected from the harsh seaside weather of Cape Cod.

Please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with Ted Hitchcock.

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