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We’re an outdoorsy kind of company. Even when it’s below freezing, as it is much of the year on Cape Cod, you’ll find us up on rooftops or making homes look their best as we replace siding. While we realize few people share our affinity for being outside all winter, one can safely assume that most do enjoy spending time al fresco in the summer months.

We love helping our clients fully enjoy their homes and, with the summer season Cape so fleeting, a well-built deck is an absolute must. So that’s what we do: build decks. We build solid decks, the kind that will last for decades, and bring you and your family countless hours of enjoyment.

In our damp, seaside climate, decks constructed with wood, even pressure-treated wood, are prone to rot. Not only is a deck that is showing signs of rot unsightly, it can be dangerous. If there’s just bit of it showing in your deck, chances are there is even more rot that you can’t see. The time to replace your deck is not when it’s visibly rotting. The time is now.

Let Hitchcock Roofing & Siding build the new deck your family deserves. We often work with composite materials, such Azec and Trex, which are impervious to rot. These products are now available in array of finishes and colors and look so much like natural wood, you need to touch them to realize it isn’t. We’ll work with you in creating enhancements, such as built-in bench seating or storage cubbies, even an outdoor shower, and ensure that your new deck meets safety codes.

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